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I have been taking photographs and making videos for nearly 60 years, sometimes professionally but mostly for my own pleasure. Check the beginnings out here.

In the last 15 years or so I have travelled widely and, during those travels, taken many photographs. I have been asked countless times, by people who have seen my photos, as to why I don’t try to sell some as prints. This site is my positive response to those requests.

All photos, except those in the people category, are for sale in various formats but, as you can read later with a specific guarantee.

I hope you enjoy looking even if you decide not to buy.


A unique offer. Once a print is sold, in whatever format, that print will be withdrawn from those on offer on my site. No one else can ever own the print that you buy. You, and I, will be the only people, unless you do buy it as a present, in possession of that photograph. It will be a unique ownership.

Details on how to reserve or purchase a print can be found on the individual category pages. I will offer a discount for multiple orders in any one category, email me for prices. Orders are welcome from overseas.

Thanks to one of my customers, an example of prints on canvas can be seen here

I have grouped the photographs into categories, although some times the border is slightly blurred. In other words a Fijian sunset may be found in “Sunset” or “Pacific Islands”. It will depnd on how the whim took me at the time. There will now be no more additions to these categories until September 2018 when I will have some very exciting and interesting news.

Take your time to browse through the categories and I hope some photographs convey the pleasure I have had in my life. Thank you.

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